Basic Rooflines

Analysis of Simple Roof Lighting, Installing Exterior Lighting and Inventive Roofline Designs

When thinking about installing outside lights on your roof, safety must come first. The complexities of the installation procedure might be difficult, especially for people who are not experienced with electrical wiring or hand tools. Here’s where Complete Light Design becomes involved. With a focus on providing a wide array of professional lighting solutions, we are proficient in providing basic roof lighting for homes and businesses. See our comprehensive, step-by-step installation guide for external lighting, which includes LED roofline lights, Roofline Accent Lights, and other cutting-edge options. For a bright and safe lighting makeover, Total Light Design is your go-to partner whether you’re looking for ambient roof lights, DIY roofline lighting, or architectural lighting.

Complete w/ Extras


Highlighting the Basic Roof Illumination is the first step in creating an amazing lighting show, but there are countless other options available. Add a new depth to your design by using beautiful tiny lights to highlight your fence and/or pillars. Add LED Roofline Lights, Home Exterior Illumination, and Architectural Lighting to completely transform your living area. Installing Roofline Accent Lights adds even more visual appeal, and your home won’t seem complete without these eye-catching features.

Total Light Design
Total Light Design


Love the fascinating lights that line the Rooflines, but wish they had more of an effect near the driveway? Explore the option of lighting your garage doors to add even more celebration to your evening journey. With carefully placed Roofline Accent Lights, you can elevate your outdoor area and improve the appearance and cozy atmosphere of your house.


Hosting holiday guests and aiming to create a warm and inviting atmosphere as they step into your home? Illuminate your entryway with festive lights, setting the stage for a joyful holiday experience right from the moment they arrive.

Christmas home


Why not light up the whole house? Let’s make it happen if you’re feeling like having your house lighted up! Our knowledgeable experts are excited to create an outdoor lighting design with appealing Roofline Accent Lights that not only meets but beyond your expectations.


Even if your house is the main attraction on your land, a true creative lighting show makes the whole thing even better by blending in extra landscape features. Adding lights to your trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges has a big visual impact and turns your whole property into a magical winter paradise. Many examples of designs that skillfully make use of each landscaping element can be found in our gallery. These examples include LED roofline lights, outdoor lighting design, residential roof lighting, architectural lighting, and home exterior illumination. Together, they create a truly amazing display.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

There are number of reasons to hire a professional Christmas lights installation company. Firstly, you can leave the risk and inconvenience of installing your own Christmas lights to professionals who have the necessary equipment and expertise. Secondly, you can select from high-quality, commercial-grade bulbs and strands that are guaranteed to last for many years. Lastly, you can enjoy the beauty and artistry of a professional Christmas light display—including Design, Installation, Maintenance, Take-down, and yearly Storage–without having to lift a finger of your own.

We start installing Holiday lights as early as October 1st. This allows us to offer great discounts to customers who complete their installations early… and enables them to focus on other things during the busy Holiday Season.

Total Light Design is a professional lights installation company. Our goal is to be a Turnkey solution for people during the busy Holiday Season. We design, install, maintain, remove and store the lights as needed. All our lights are high quality commercial grade lights that will be customized to each individual house for clean and sharp appearance.

Yes, Total Light Design offers each customer an option to Buy or Rent our professional custom lighting sets. Each option has its own advantages which we go over on our proposals.