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Professional Christmas Light Installation

Have you ever seen a home with such powerful lighting that it literally took your breath away? Perhaps you would like your home to be the shining beacon of the neighborhood this holiday season, telegraphing the joy and magic of Christmas to everyone who sees it. For this type of large and dynamic displays, we go beyond simply outlining the eves and extend our lighting magic to cover the whole roof.

For your convenience, we have displayed a number of larger displays in our professional gallery to offer you a better visual sense of the design and colors that may work best for your house. Among the gallery options, you will see a variety of houses done with our high quality Incandescent and LED C9 lighting.

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Highlighting the Rooflines gives it a solid start on a path to a Gorgeous lighting display, but its just the beginning of the endless possibilities. Add another dimension to your design by lighting up your pillars and/or fencing with beautiful mini lights. Your house might not look complete without them.

Total Light Design
Total Light Design


Enjoying the lights along the Rooflines but wish you could have More and closer to the driveway? Explore the option of lighting up your garage doors to create more festivity as you drive in each night.


Having guests over the Holidays? Want them to feel welcomed and excited as they enter your home? Add the lights to your Entry way and let the Holidays begin at the very entry of your home!
Total Light Design


“Why not just light up the whole thing?” If you’re in the mood to have the whole house lit – lets get it done! Our professionals would be more than happy to create a design that would meet or exceed your expectations and we will do it safely!


While your home is certainly the centerpiece of your property, a true artistic lighting display would not be complete without integrating additional landscaping pieces into the design. Lighting your trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges adds quite a bit to the overall design and turns your entire property into a magical and joyful Christmas wonderland. In our gallery, we offer several examples of designs that have utilized every landscaping feature for a completely wondrous display.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

There are number of reasons to hire a professional Christmas lights installation company. Firstly, you can leave the risk and inconvenience of installing your own Christmas lights to professionals who have the necessary equipment and expertise. Secondly, you can select from high-quality, commercial-grade bulbs and strands that are guaranteed to last for many years. Lastly, you can enjoy the beauty and artistry of a professional Christmas light display—including Design, Installation, Maintenance, Take-down, and yearly Storage–without having to lift a finger of your own.

We start installing Holiday lights as early as October 1st. This allows us to offer great discounts to customers who complete their installations early… and enables them to focus on other things during the busy Holiday Season.

Total Light Design is a professional lights installation company. Our goal is to be a Turnkey solution for people during the busy Holiday Season. We design, install, maintain, remove and store the lights as needed. All our lights are high quality commercial grade lights that will be customized to each individual house for clean and sharp appearance.

Yes, Total Light Design offers each customer an option to Buy or Rent our professional custom lighting sets. Each option has its own advantages which we go over on our proposals.